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Strategic Care brings a new way of care management and full service health pathways to treat all categories of care.

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2,000 Health Professionals

Strategic Care provides you access to over 2,000 health professionals across Australia. Delivering best in class health management.

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Strategic Care – Early Intervention & Patient Choice

Strategic Care is your partner in supporting clinicians and patients to navigate their healthcare needs. Securely connecting health practitioners, the service smooths the referral pathways, reduces administration and integrates with existing systems. Patients benefit by staying informed, retaining choice of location and providers and booking through the convenience of an online portal.

Secure Transmission:

In an ever-connected world, our commitment to patient security and privacy is paramount. In every digital interaction between doctors, imaging facilities, pathology, patients and other stakeholders, we uphold the highest possible digital security standards. Secure messaging is a core capability required to ensure the secure sharing of information between providers.

For providers, this means improved timelines for referrals and other clinical information while improving clinical decisions. It allows access to a broader range of practitioners in our referral network, improved care coordination and better communication while assuring patients of confidentiality, and improving information traceability for auditing purposes.

For patients, it means that their information is managed securely at each stage, saving time between practitioners and improving their experience, particularly in terms of clinical decision making, and providing a streamlined and hassle-free experience overall.


Our online referral system allows for the easy organisation of a specialist referral without having to visit your GP. Our online platform provides access to leading Australian medical professionals through our network, including surgeons and various clinicians.

The service allows patients to choose the individual specialist health practitioner to be referred to, upholding our values of patient choice, privacy,  and ease of use for all users.

Appointment Calendar Online

Our online appointment calendar offers patients the optimal ease of access platform, connecting them to General Practitioners and Specialists all through one easy-to-use application.

The platform is fully customisable, with amendable forms for types of appointments, digital registration of new patients, appointment reminders and push notifications. The platform is available for use across preventative healthcare and telehealth, and also allows for waiting room updates and recalls for clinical reminders.

Occupational Medicine

Partnering with you to prioritise medical assessment care at every step of the employment journey as a trusted and highly experienced partner within the Australian occupational health sector.

Services include Injury Management, Pre-Employment Medicals, Health Surveillance, Tele-Medicine, Fitness for Work Assessments and Mental Health & Wellbeing Services.

Medical Imaging

This service provides fast and efficient imaging appointments at any provider in Australia at the patient’s convenience. The process coordinates and centralises administration to organise appointments while keeping relevant parties informed of the patient radiology imaging process. The service also provides secure online reporting and image access for authorised personnel within 24 hours from the time of imaging to reporting.

Virtual Practise Management Solutions: SMART Forms

This service provides the most effective way to develop medical reports and respond to request for clinical notes.

With a few clicks you can now produce professional and accurate medical reports saving significant administration time and boosting productivity.

Our Delivery Partners

Industry leading group of strategic partners delivering optimal outcomes for our customers.

Strategic Care

Founded in 2012 with the express purpose of facilitating preventative care measures.

“The team at Strategic Care are fabulous. They helped us improve our health management strategies. We have experienced improved results year on year.”

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Strategic Care
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