About Strategic Care

Founded in 2012, Strategic Care was founded with the express purpose of facilitating preventative care measures.

Strategic Care facilitates health professionals working together in a collaborative network. The platform empowers individuals, doctors, insurance providers, brokers and hospitals to manage well-being and post injury and disease pathways. Our solution delivers best in class screening, streaming and monitoring of post injury diagnosis and treatment as well as claim co-ordination.

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Strategic Care provides:

  • Concierge call centre open 24/7

  • Leading information systems

  • State based workflow

  • Rich screening and assessment tools

  • E-consultation

  • Integrated electronic health records

  • Rich collaboration tools

  • Over 300 tailored health pathways

  • E-Learning and E-Simulation integration

Why Choose Strategic Care?

  • Co-ordinates multiple stakeholders in one system

  • Allows caregivers to focus on the best quality of care

  • Provides best in class solutions for patient management over time

  • Effective and efficient workflow and pathways reduce time and waste

  • Use of top tier IT infrastructure ensures peace of mind